Maniks Top Quality Pulse Jet Valve For Dust Collector System


A dust collector system plays crucial role in different kinds of industries such as steel, cement, metal, gas etc. Typically Dust collector system is made up of different parts like pulse jet valve/ pulse jet valve, jet bag filter, sequential controller, and baffle plate etc to reduce the impurities from air/gas. Pure air is a fundamental prerequisite for a healthy living. We can shield us from numerous illnesses that are caused just because of contaminated air. Thus optimum use of dust collectors will lead to effective use of energy, save money, improve health and increase productivity.

Maniks manufactures best quality pulse jet valve for dust collection system. There are different components present in this system for maintaining regular surveillance and control purposes. In this article we are going to focus on Pulse jet valve as well as discussing how we could help you to better protect your dust collector system in the most cost-effective manner without compromising on any quality aspects.


Maniks Pulse jet valve

A variety of manufacturers make pulse jet valve, sequential controllers, diaphragms and other components. These components reduce the flow of polluted air through industrial dust collector systems. But cost-viability, performance and quality are basic needs in every such system.

What make MANIKS unique are its exceptional quality, cost and incentive with fast delivery for guaranteed accessibility and continuous specialized help and administration, reliable operation and productive support. We provide High Quality Competitive Price valves having a definite quality management system, we are regarded as the noteworthy manufacturer, and exporter and supplier of optimum grade Pulse Jet Type Pulse jet valve. This valve is produced using a high grade special material and advanced techniques, in adherence to set industry standards. Our offered pulse jet valve is widely used in dust collection system mainly for controlling pressure. It is also made available in different specifications for all our clients to choose from.

For decades, Maniks is been a leading manufacturer of pulse jet valve to many of the unique hardware producers (OEMs) and also to end clients of pilot operated pulse valve in an large variety of businesses, including: Agriculture industries, Cement Processing, Metal Plant, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Rubber Mixing/Processing, Food and Beverages.





MANIKS Pilot operated Pulse Valve operation:


Following diagram shows design of Maniks pulse jet valve in different sizes





Maniks pilot operated pulse valves/pulse jet valve functions by integral solenoid pilot operator. The cached air above pulse valve diaphragm is immediately used up causing fast opening of diaphragm valve, when the valve is energised. Air discharges out through hole of main valve in order to balance the differential diaphragm pressure and then immediately closes the valve, when the pilot valve is de-energised.

Duty Cycle: The possessing duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 %.This indicates energized time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC voltage.


Advantages of MANIKS Pulse jet valve:


MANIKS provides a High Quality pulse valve at Very Competitive Prices which performs well than other exporters. Let us all have a look at some of the major advantages amongst them:


  • Reliable Function
  • Higher Life
  • Better Performance
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Ease Of Maintenance
  • No Rust Jamming
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Lower air consumption
  • Faster Reaching of Peak Pressure
  • Better cleaning of Bag Filters
  • Preventing air loss
  • Promoting a greener world
  • High Diaphragm life
  • Built with Hytrel which enhances life
  • Ease of installation
  • Choke and noise free performance (Reduce operating noise)
  • Better flow characteristics
  • Superior leak protection against dust

MANIKS provides the world’s best pilot operated pulse jet valves for dust collector systems. Our manufactured valves, sequential controllers, diaphragms, and other equipments come with ensured accessibility and 24*7 skilled person’s technical support for all our clients that no other manufacturer ever can match. Our top satisfied list of clients includes ONGC, Aditya Birla, Ambuja Cement, Finolex, UltraTech, ACC, HP, SAIL, CEAT, INDIAN RAILWAY, and NALCO.



MANIKS Pulse jet valve Specification:


Constant innovation at MANIKS with expert team of engineers has developed new design, and cost effective products with high quality and we also manufacture products based changing requirements of clients.

 Here are some specifications of dust collector pulse valve which we manufacture:

Electrical Standard Voltage AC                   50Hz…..24/220 Volts

Electrical Standard Voltage DC                   24/Volts

Fluctuation                                                   10%

DC Current                                                   20W

AC Current                                                   19VA

Maximum Medium Temperature                 650C

Maximum Ambient Temperature                 550C



Pulse jet valves Repair Kit


Maniks offers all its clients with special service for all the existing system components embedded in dust collector systems, also helps to renovate/rebuild you’re in-operative pilot operated valves and provide operating reliability as good as new.


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