Pronto Cash simplifies same day loans application by connecting borrowers to lenders

Pronto Cash today announced a new service to help loan applicants get access to thousands of loan offerings from lenders across the country with same day loans scheme. The company’s lead market researcher while announcing the launch explained that those seeking same day loans do not have to follow the long application processes of banks.

The company’s market researchers pointed out that those seeking money today can be connected to the best lending firms in the market with lots of ease. They explained that at times users end up applying for loans that do not suit their particular needs due to urgent need of cash. Loan applicants were urgent to exercise patience when searching for the best firm to submit loan application to. However, when the need for cash is urgent, most people tend to be desperate and can easily fall prey to any offering as long as it gets them what they need.

The advisors from Pronto Cash pointed out that applicants can avoid these types of mistakes by simply submitting applications through their company. Explaining the importance of this, one of the advisors said that the company has real time data on some of the best loan offerings on the market as well as the best repayment plans and interests. Applicants can also save themselves the hassle of researching on their own when there is no enough time to do so. The firm connects applicants to the most suitable lending firms in an instant. Since the information is already available at Pronto Cash’s disposal, applications are submitted to the lender and approvals made the same day. The company’s director pointed out that that is the essence of ‘get a loan today’ plan.

When desperate for cash, it is very easy for a person to fall into the traps of lending firms with enormous interest rates. The company explained that they help their clients stay away from such lenders and also offer advice on the best plan to choose when there are different offerings from different lenders that seem confusing. Pronto Cash can also help individuals get loans today regardless of their credit scores. There exists lending firms that grant money today without focusing much on an individual’s credit worth. The director added that it is the work of their company to connect borrowers to such lenders in the market.

The team at Pronto Cash explained that borrowers can easily submit their applications online at any time of the day or night. Once submitted, the firm searches for the best lender matching the applicant’s requirement and if found, the latter is informed within 30 minutes. The application process is very easy, the directors pointed out, and is achieved by filling in a one page form. The applicant is also required to submit their bank statement for the last 90 days. The company said it has invested enough resources to ensure every data submission is done through secure portal online. Applicants are required to be Australian citizens of over 18 years.

Pronto Cash has revolutionized the loan application process for those who need cash now, the director pointed out. Applicants can have their money within a single day of application without hassles.

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