JP Instruments EDM-740 – Colour Engine Monitor for Experimental Aircraft

Engine Data Management 740 Experimental SystemAircraft Engine Data Manager 740 for experimental aircraft is an awesome product that is innovative and aggressively priced.

Starting at $2899 for a 4-cylinder installation and $3250 for a 6-cylinder one, the EDM-740 covers all the basics that a pilot requires to fly the aircraft safely. This includes the most of the popular sensors. Optionally you can add turbine-inlet temp, electrical-bus current, carb temp and fuel pressure sensors. Also, if you have the sensors installed, it can also read resistance or capacitance of fuel-level senders.

Similar to earlier EDM’s, the EDM-740 stacks EGT and CHT Monitors so you can view all cylinders at on go. Also, the EDM-740 display will automatically self-adjust when used in a 4-cylinder aircraft or 6-cylinder aircraft. Unlike EDM’s manufactured by others, there are no “missing bars”. Also, you can choose the order of the subordinate menu display.

Fitting your new EDM-740 is a breeze. The EDM-740 requires just 3.125” of space. The panel is just 2-inches deep and the faceplate is 4.23(h) by 3.195 (w). You can even re-orient the display to suit your requirement.

Key features of the EDM-740 include:

1. User-defined upper and lower limits, alarms.
2. Large single-line display that magnifies the values of other indications.
3. LF button on faceplate for Lean Find.
4. In default mode, single press of LF button will display ROP and enter lean-find mode.
5. The EDM-740 is equipped with an engine-power calculator.
6. The EDM-740 has a faceplate mounted LDR (ambient light sensor) which in turn automatically adjusts the display intensity so that even cross-cockpit, the 740’s display is clear and legible right down to the smallest menu item.
7. Incredibly fast response – whatever manoeuvring you do, the display indicates exactly what is happening in the engine in a manner that is easily digestible to a pilot.
8. The EDM-740 also integral data logging for roughly 200 hours (at the rate of once every 6 seconds).

Functions include:

• RPM Propeller
• MAP Manifold Pressure
• % HP Percent of Horse Power
EGT Probe Exhaust Gas Temp.
• CHT Cylinder Head Temp
• O-T Oil Temperature
• O-P Oil Pressure
• OAT Outside Air Temp.
• VDC Voltage
• GPH Gallons per Hour REQ Required to destination
• USD Fuel used
• H:M Endurance
• MPG Miles per Gal
• CLD Shock Cooling on all cylinders
• DIFF Gami spread
• USB Memory stick Data Recording
• EZ Trends Graphing program

Optional functions include:

• TIT Probe Turbine Inlets Temp
• F-P Fuel Pressure
• CDT Compressor Discharge
• AMP Current amps
CRB Probes Carburetor Temp
• L-Tank Fuel Quantity, level
• R-Tank Fuel Quantity, level

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