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Most of us can agree that relationships and human capital is the most vital aspect of any business – be it employee-employer relationship, business relationships, partners… The list goes on. Without human relationship, most businesses will dwindle quickly if not, perform mediocre at best.

Successful relationships can include numerous factors, but one of the oft-overlooked methods of showing your clients and employees that you care is to send them a gift – a present you know mean something specially to them. A customized, personalized gift.

Tee-Saurus is a corporate and personalized gifting business in Singapore. It is built upon the understanding of the value of personalized, special human touches in any relationships. They have created a spectrum of corporate gift ideas which are positively reinforcing in order to create something higher than the gifts themselves – a lifestyle, a happy experience.

For unique gifts in Singapore, Tee-Saurus Lifestyle Store offers unique corporate and personalized gifts that stands out from the crowd. With its award-winning designs and internationally recognized brand awards, each of their personalized gifts and products are designed to be inspirational, motivational and positively reinforcing for the people who own their products.

Lawrens, director at Tee-Saurus says, “In Tee-Saurus, we can set the positive mindset in business, build a better culture, better retention, create great team building, impressing your customers with creativity. Thus boosting productivity, morale, happiness which in turn increase sales, maximizing profits to your businesses.”

Their hottest products are their signature Office Buddy,  and the categories include Fashion, which includes family themed tees, tote bags and other accessories. Another category includes Lifestyle, arts and prints, designer stationery and their signature planner.

Tee-Saurus partners includes …

Tee-Saurus offers Singapore Souvenirs as well, allowing you to shop for gifts to be given as souvenirs. These souvenirs can be gifted as personalized gifts or corporate gifts, and can be shipped to many countries covered by our partners.

If you have any queries, feel free to schedule a free meetup session to discuss how you can take your brand to the next level with Tee-Saurus. It is as simple as telling the team more about your brand and Tee-Saurus can then propose what’s best suited for your corporate culture and your brand. If you’d like to explore partnership opportunities, feel free to reach out to us at our partnership page.

You can find us at Katong Point, 451 Joo Chiat Road #01-06 Singapore 427664.

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