Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing Market 2025: What Factors Affecting The Strength of Competition in Market

Market Highlights

As a result of previous three industrial revolutions, manufacturing industries were benefitted through mechanization, automation, and mass production. After the implementation of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence along with machine learning is gaining heavy traction in the manufacturing sector. Industry 4.0 has resulted in making manufacturing “smarter” with the use of advanced technologies such as IoT thus, enabling companies to modernize their production process and supply chain management.

The major factors driving the artificial intelligence in manufacturing market are the increasing usage of robotics in manufacturing, usage of big data technology in the manufacturing sector, computer vision technology being used in manufacturing, and industrial IoT in manufacturing sector. Reluctance among the manufacturers to adopt AI-Based technologies are the major factors that may hinder the progress of the artificial intelligence in Manufacturing market in the near future. Additionally the growth opportunities of AI-Based technology in emerging and developed countries and more over improving operational efficiency of manufacturing plants are some of the major growth opportunities for the artificial intelligence in manufacturing market players.

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Industry Overview

The digital transformation of manufacturing as well as supply chain helps in directly analyzing data from factories using advanced technologies including, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This results in gaining efficiency. The customers can choose from a wide variety of goods, to the point of mass customization enabling them to design their own product. With the rising competition and advancements in technologies, customers are turning to be more demanding and choosy, looking for unique and personalized products over standardized products.  Thus, manufacturing industry worldwide is utilizing machine learning, automation, computer vision, and other AI fields to fulfil the increasing demands by transforming their manufacturing processes.

Companies are implementing these technologies to lower their manufacturing costs apart from catering choosy customers. Even affordable countries such as China and Mexico are also witnessing increased cost of production owing to downfall in the oil & gas industry, resulting in need for further cost reduction and efficiencies. Generally, in most of the factories, unexpected equipment downtimes and failures, poor demand forecasting, unsafe and inefficient workplace processes as well as bottlenecks in supply chain may lead to longer production cycles, wastage of resources, and low yields thereby, resulting in revenue loss. Thus, adoption of Artificial Intelligence is emerging to eradicate these issues. Also, shortage of skilled labor faced by major industries can be tackled with the help of implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Top Industry Player’s

The major companies that are involved artificial intelligence in manufacturing are Intel Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, Siemens AG, Alphabet Inc., General Electric Company, Datarpm, General Vision, Inc., Sight Machine, Aibrain, and Rokwell Automation Inc.

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Market Segments

Global artificial intelligence in manufacturing market has be categorized into offering, technology, application, industry and regions. Based on the offering the market has been segmented into software, and hardware. On the basis of technology the artificial intelligence in manufacturing market has been divided into natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision, and context awareness. Application segment has been bifurcated into quality control, predictive maintenance and machinery inspection, material movement, production planning, field services and reclamation. Industry segment has been categorized into pharmaceuticals, automobile, power & energy, heavy metals & machine manufacturing, food & Beverages, semiconductors & electronics among others.

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