Holidayers Launches the Industry’s First Choice Holidays Deals for Holidaymakers

Feb 23, 2018 — The company cited several advantages of holidaymakers using travel deals to get to their destination, one being that it greatly helps in cutting down the costs of getting away. The company’s chief marketer stated that Holidayers is committed to making this a dream come true by finding the best voucher codes, sales, promotions and deals from some of renowned holiday providers globally.

While citing some of the causes of a good holiday gone sour, the chief marketer pointed out that searching for a holiday deal by googling alone is not an efficient way of landing the best deal. This is because the search results page gives more than a thousand overwhelming choices to choose from. Instead, searching for good deals on sites such as can land a holidaymaker the best deal meeting their budget and needs, he added.

Holidayers officials added that those seeking for love holidays can land on the best holiday packages via holiday package listing sites than conducting a DIY search. Giving the advantages of holiday packages, the company said that holiday packages are normally cheapest especially if going for a getaway that is going to last for 7 to 14 days in the traditional holiday getaway destinations. These package deals come with cheap flights, hotel rooms and more. While giving more reasons for holidaymakers to use websites such, the company officials said that holidaymakers can look at saving more so they can have more to spend at their destination.

On haven holidays, the company mentioned that it is best for holidaymakers to use deals provided by holiday deals listing sites as the provisions are usually well researched. This protects a holidaymaker from any form of fraud. The officials pointed out that packages usually come with ABTA or ATOL consumer protection. This will protect the holiday maker should the company arranging the bookings goes bust. In such an event, the holidaymaker will get a full refund if not started the journey or be given an alternative flight and accommodation if already travelled.

While naming some of the greatest holiday packaging providers on the industry, the Holidayers mentioned that Teletext holidays are one of the best. Teletext offers some of the most discounted holiday packages to suit a holidaymaker’s needs. Whether travelling as a whole family, or just getting away on a romantic holiday, Teletext has perfectly customized deals for a stress-free travel. Among other deal providers mentioned include Thomson Holidays, Travel zoo, DFDS Seaways and UK.

The company’s team holiday researchers mentioned that they have invested their time in finding the best deals on the holiday package industry so holidaymakers can enjoy a peace of mind while booking and at their getaway destinations.

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