Global Haptic Technology Industry Analysis 2017-2025 with Leading Company Profiles

Market Scenario

Haptics is the study of applying touch (material) sensation and control to cooperation with PC applications. The word gets from the Greek haptein signifying “to secure.” Haptics offers an extra measurement to a virtual reality or 3-D condition and is fundamental to the impressiveness of those situations. By utilizing unique information/yield gadgets (joysticks, information gloves or different gadgets), clients can get criticism from PC applications as felt sensations in the hand or different parts of the body. In mix with a visual show, haptics innovation can be utilized to prepare individuals for assignments requiring dexterity, for example, surgery and space transport moves. It can likewise be utilized for diversions in which you feel and additionally observe your communications with pictures. For instance, you may play tennis with another PC client elsewhere on the planet. Both of you can see the moving ball and, utilizing the haptic gadget, position and swing your tennis racket and feel the effect of the ball.

Key Players:

Key players of the Haptic technology market adopted strategies such as merger and acquisition, expansion, new product launches, and agreements to meet the growing demand from the various verticals of IPTV. Haptic technology manufacturers are mainly focusing on new product launches strategy to cater the growing demand in the market. Immersion Corporation, Imagis Co., Ltd., Force Dimension, Precision Microdrives Ltd., Senseg, Geomagic, Ultrahaptics, Synaptics Incorporated, Haption S.A., Microchip Technologies Incorporated, and Haption S.A. dominates the market.

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The market for haptic technology is driven by the rise in implementation of haptics in electronics devices. Upsurge in demand for haptics technology in gaming supports also boosts the market. Moreover, the rising use of haptics technology in medical sector also drives the market. The use of haptics technology in automotive security applications also supports the growth of haptic technology market. However, the technology is used limitedly due to its high cost. The haptic technology market views tremendous growth opportunity from its use for visually impaired and growing demand for holographic display items. The use of haptics technology for education displays is also viewed as good growth opportunity for haptic technology market. The market faces technical challenges regarding the designing of the product. Moreover, the concern related to energy consumption also throws growth challenges for haptic technology market.

Market Segments

The market for Haptic technology is segmented into by component, feedback, application, region.

  • Based on component, the market is segmented into microcontrollers, drivers, software, actuators, and others. Eccentric rotating mass, piezoelectric actuator, linear resonant actuators, and electroactive polymer actuators are the sub segments of actuators.
  • Based on feedback, the market is bifurcated as force feedback and tactile feedback. Automotive & transportation, engineering, consumer electronics, healthcare, and education & research, are the bifurcation based on application.
  • Based on region, the market for Haptic technology is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Asia-Pacific is the biggest market for haptic technology owing to the presence of numerous consumer electronics manufacturers.

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