Global Absorbable Nasal Implants Market 2017: Technology Innovation and Shifting Customer Requirements Drive New Wave of Growth

Market Overview

Absorbable nasal implants help to treat nasal blockage as well as obstructions and support better breathing and aid in sleeping to the patient. Several factors may lead to nasal airway obstruction that include deviation of septum, enlargement of turbinate’s, and weakening of upper and/or lower lateral nasal wall cartilage that can result into nasal valve collapse or vestibular stenosis. The symptoms of nasal valve collapse include stuffiness, and inability to breathe through one or both nostrils.  The nasal valve collapse leads to over 80% of the total airway resistance. Over 3 million Americans consult physician for nasal obstruction and around 1 million procedures are conducted to ease the symptoms.

The patient’s quality of life is significantly impacted by nasal valve collapse. This condition is may be severe in some patients, and result in limited number of treatment options. Also, majority of the treatment options are invasive and the only solution is to undergo a nasal valve surgery. This needs broad skills as well as training by either an ENT specialist or facial plastic surgeons.

The most common options is the nasal valve dilator for instance, Breathe Right strips are available in the market. Two options are available in case of nasal valve dilators. One that can be internally worn and the other that is externally stuck externally. The other available option is rhinoplasty with or without graft in order to repair the collapse of nasal valve collapse.

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Owing to low patient awareness, this nasal condition is either undertreated or under diagnosed. An absorbable implant can be defined as non-invasive technology in order to support the nasal cartilage as well as improve breathing.  These implants are an important milestone development for nasal obstruction patients as standard treatment procedure for septum as well as turbinate’s are not enough. The implants are mostly preferred for patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty since there is a likelihood of an extremely narrow-looking nose.

Industry Top Player’s

As absorbable nasal implant is an innovative product, the market for this device is very small and will find the acceptance among the physicians and patients with high level of awareness.

The major industry players in absorbable nasal implant market include Acclarent, Inc., ArthroCare Corporation, Pfizer, Inc., Spirox, Inc., Mentor Worldwide LLC, Smith & Nephew, Inc., Intersect ENT, Inc., and Stryker Corporation, among others.


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Market Segments

Two brands are available in the global absorbable nasal implants market namely, Latera, and Inex. Latera is an absorbable nasal implant produced from Spirox Inc. that received the FDA approval in the year 2016.  The other absorbable nasal implant, INEX was approved by the U.S. FDA in the year 2015. INEX absorbable nasal implant aids septal cartilage whereas the LAtera supports upper as well as lower lateral nasal cartilage.

Latera is designed with the help of a copolymer, that gets absorbed in the body over a duration of over 18 months. The product comprises of delivery device as well as an implant positioning guide in the accessories. The single use delivery device comprises of a handle body, a deployment plunger and pushrod, as well as 16-gauge delivery cannula with a depth marker and protective cover.

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