A wise and timely financial decision may become an asset for future

So… like every other wise investor, you are also trying your luck in the most attractive world of cryptocurrency…
Did you hear about Alphard Coin…?
It’s a new venture keeping in mind various aspects under prevailing market situations across the globe.
Though, even in the real world of investment, a lot of hard earned money remains at stake due to Market Fluctuations at international level, we are confident enough that your ‘trust’ to choose Alphard Coin as an option, will certainly turn our ‘Faith’ within no time. Alphard Coin will not only live up to your hopes n desires but will also inspire you for new avenues in future.

Alphard Coin is proud to announce that we are all set to be take our launch into the crypto market on the first week of March,2018. We are a decentralized market intelligence platform in the global crypto market available at the most affordable price for those who desire to become traders and for those who are into this business since many years.

Our platform is the most secured one giving an advantage for any new user with a 10%off on first time buying and selling of Bitcoin or Alphard Coin and even for referrals’. We focus on fork methodology inspired from Bitcoin and infuse a peer-to-peer network   in our trading system. The Alphard platform opens up block chain to legally complaint securities offerings with a network of services designed to lower associated transaction cost over time.

At a high-level Alphard provides:

  • A decentralized protocol for trading coins
  • Enables individual and institutions to authenticate their identity with proper security checks.
  • Provides 10% off for any new user login for trading coins and referrals.

Alphard Coin provides access to compensate and leverage the power of the crowd in a unique token for information system. It brings sound money to the world, where merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmation. We believe that the future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, innovation and decentralized development. We are a digital currency who pay and send money in the form of digital currency and the most important part is the fastest transaction timing, nearly 8 seconds when you buy or sell Bitcoin or Alphard Coin through this platform.

Road Map

Launching Rate -> $2.48

After 2 months on exchange the rate goes as -> $5

After 3 months the rate goes as minimum -> $7

25th June is the date of launch of our own exchange open for all coins to be added -> Alphard.io

After December, 2018 the rate of coin goes as -> $50

January 2019, the coin rate touches -> $100 and beyond

During the second phase of 2019, the coin rate touches -> $150 and beyond

2020, Alphard Coin is all set to take a leap of -> $ 300 and beyond


The clearly proves that your investment will be in the right hands with Alphard coin. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to invest your money with the best possible returns from Alphard Coin.

Author BIO:

Alphard Coin is a decentralized peer to peer network with a triple layer security system. This enables users to make transactions at a very low cost and fastest speed of account settling that is 8 seconds per transaction.

Alphard Coins

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