Montella only draw some draw unfortunately

In a focus war of the Champions League 1/8 knockout that ended in the early hours of (NBA MT Coins) the morning, Sevilla clashed with Manchester United 0-0. From the post-match technical statistics, Sevilla basically ruled the entire game, but unfortunately they did not score in the game.

After the game coach Montella said in an interview: “We have the opportunity to get one or two goals.”

“Although we have left a little bit of regret in this game, the result of 0-0 is an open ending for both parties and we look forward to the second round of the competition.”

“Now we have to concentrate on meeting the Atletico Madrid.”

In a post-season interview, the Italian coach made a special mention of Manchester United goalie DeGeya and praised him for his incredible performance. As we all know, if there is no today’s heroic DeGea play Manchester United can not be away from the road.

“You can not beat opponents with speed throughout the game and players are smart and patient today, though they should sometimes be faster, but fortunately the players are focused on the race.”

Although the second leg Manchester United will hold the home advantage, but Montella still confident of his team: “Sevilla always strive to play better than the opponent, although this is not an easy goal, but we Still have to do their best. ”

The second leg of the match will be held on March 14 in Beijing at Old Trafford.

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