IChessU: Learn How to Beat Chess Computers

Toronto, Ontario: IChessU helps everyone from kids to adult learn chess computers by their online chess. It improves computer skills and helps to build their own plan of action for chess, the tutorials can help learners to pick the best moves in the opening to make the most of the game.

While learning chess online, the best way to learn chess and improve your game is to play it. However, chess is a two-player game, and if you typically have no one to play with, you can either play against a computer or with another person online. IChessU is the best online chess school where you can learn chess from some of the best chess tutors. They are committed to provide some of the best online chess lessons. The chess tutorials or lessons are delivered using a learning platform developed to satisfy your needs.

There are some strategies which will be helpful for beating computers:

Breaking rules of Thumb – The chess computers evaluation function is basically a list of ‘rules of thumb’ and when you give it a position where these rules aren’t valid it will still blindly follow them.

Opening choices against a master Tactician – When faced with a master tactician, one should try to avoid open positions, where simplistic strategies of centralization, and tactical awareness predominate.

Win the Endgame – Look for non-standard Endgames, in which chess computers can be mislead by the pre-defined evaluation of the position.

There are also so many techniques which will make you a winner in online chess with computers. IChessU all classes are online and using their own developed Chess Learning Platform and in houses built Audio/Video interactive system. This system allows students and coach to literally see and hear each other as they were sitting in the same living room.

IChessU stands for International Chess University which teaches every age learners includes kids, teens, juniors and adults. IChessU teaches in group and private classroom settings.  IChessU’s coaches have taught this game to hundreds of children and adults, many of them has won major tournaments.

So, for further details please contact them today at (1-855-424-3778).

About the Company –

IChessU has coaches, trainers and tutors that have received number of accolades for their exceptional performance in the chess game. Chess masters, mentors and grandmasters help students learn how to play chess. IChessU produces dramatic results by using proven educational processes. Download chess learning platform on their portal and get started today.

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