Maxxlife Financial Inc. Offers Super Visa Insurance for Parents and Grandparents Visiting Canada

Insurance brokers offer affordable medical insurance cover to satisfy Super Visa requirements.

TORONTO, ON, February 16, 2018 – Maxxlife Financial Inc. is a brokerage that has been active in providing insurance to fit its clients’ needs since 2014.The brokerage is now offering affordable medical insurance to satisfy Canadian Super Visa requirements. A Super Visa may give the recipient the option to remain in Canada for up to two years on initial entry into Canada, rather than the standard provision (on a regular visa) of six months. It also allows for multiple entries for up to 10 years.


For those wishing to have parents and grandparents visit them for prolonged periods, there are a number of steps involved to obtain a Super Visa. One of the requirements is that the visa applicant has a minimum of $100,000 in medical insurance, and proof of this insurance coverage must be in place before the visa is issued. This is one additional hassle that simply adds to the stress of the applicants at an incredibly busy time, but Maxxlife can take care of this for its clients, giving them one less thing to worry about. Clients can compare companies and get a quote at any time, day or night, at their own convenience.


Insurance offered through the services of Maxxlife. will cover visitors for a wide range of medical emergencies, including prescription drugs; follow-up visits; ambulance use; accidental death; transport of deceased remains; transport for family members or friends; meals; accommodation and much more.


“At Maxxlife Financial, we source several providers to find the best products and the most competitive rates for our valued clients,” says owner Manoj Vohra. “Our highly knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the right medical coverage for yourself and your accompanying family members.”


Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time and can be potentially devastating financially when one is travelling overseas. Affordable and trustworthy insurance allows travellers to enjoy peace of mind throughout their visit to Canada.

Since Maxxlife Financial Inc. is a brokerage, it is able to source several providers to ensure it has found the best quotes for its clients who have the option to choose whichever provider offers the lowest rates and most appropriate coverage for their Super Visa insurance.


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