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Fredericksburg, VA -The extreme heat from the sun can have a damaging effect on the human body due to the harmful UV rays that penetrate the vehicle’s interior, hence the need for car windows tinting. Technicians at @ The Car Wash ( are professionals when it comes to automotive windows tinting. They use only the highest quality films to protect not only the car but also its occupant from the harmful UV rays.

Of course, there are alot of places in Fredericksburg that offer car window tinting, but the big question is, do they do it right? Finding the right car window tinting service is a daunting task. Fortunately, @ The Car Wash offers the best mobile car window tinting service.

Typically, window tinting reduces the temperature inside your car. It prevents more than 70% of the heat and as much as 95% of the UV rays. The best thing about window tinting is that it helps car owners reduce the cost of energy whilst preserving the car’s interior.

To further enhance the beauty of a car, consider window tinting. It helps drivers maintain great visibility. At @ The Car Wash, car window tinting is their specialty. As a matter of fact, they provide great finishes that every car owner will admire. With their professionalism and expertise, they have helped thousands of people in Fredericksburg get their much-desired car tinting to enjoy their vehicles optimally. They have gained world reputation for offering competitive prices, high-quality window films, and superb customer service.

To ensure getting top quality car window tinting, it is essential to go with a professional company. @ The Car Wash is credible and highly skilled at all the work they offer. Not only do they install films, they also give useful tips and advice on how to keep the window tinting in top shape for longer.

About @ The Car Wash
@ The Car Wash ( is conveniently located in the Central Park shopping district along Cowan Blvd and Carl D. Silver Pkwy, offering residents of Fredericksburg and its surrounding areas easy access to high-quality car window tinting service. The company’s areas of specialization include car window tinting, car detailing, car wash and many more. More importantly, the company delivers high standard services when it comes to car tinting and film application.

1711 Carl D. Silver Pkwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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