Short Term Bridge Loan lender

Bridge Direct offers the short-term bridge loans for all the customers across the UK region. The finance can be majorly used for commercial and residential requirements.

By making use of Bridge Direct short-term bridge loans we can fill all the financial gaps, which normally happens during the purchase of new property.

The Bridge loans are not restricted to property purchase and they also can be used for a wide range of commercial development requirements such as:

  1. Kickstarting new projects
  2. Settling large tax bills
  3. Supplier invoice payments.
  4. Funding a deficit of an overrunning project to help complete them

The amount which is normally approved by a lender will depend on the value of the property you are showing as a security. The bridge loan can be used for short-term financial requirements, so the rate of interest on this finance normally bit higher when compared to conventional finance. But the biggest advantage of Bridge Direct gap finance is its instant availability. Here they will process any loan request on the same day and offers a best possible deal for each and every request.

So, if you are looking for bridge finance in London or other cities of the UK, then opting bridge loan at Bridge Direct would going to be a right choice. The team of Bridge Direct has 30 years of lending experience and they will process each deal on its merits and offers the top deal, even the user has any bad credit history also. They are direct lenders with access to over £12 million of funding, and they offer an instant decision on your loan request. Across the UK, Bridge Direct has hundreds of satisfied clients, the major success of their business is repeat business.

Planning to buy a new property and worrying about insufficient funds, then call to Bridge Direct team for instant financing. You can reach them by calling on 020 3126 4969.

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