Killing of Dogs in America: Save Innocent Lives with United Dog Rescue

The killing of dogs is happening at an overwhelming rate worldwide; the recent event of the killing of dogs in Russia Sochi for the Olympic games has caught the attention of many globally. Many cats and dogs became the innocent victims which are the total animal rights violation example in Russia. As far as the United States is concerned, Chicago is the No.1 place where homeless animals are killed in a large quantity. Millions of cats and dogs are killed in America each year as they live on the streets homeless and there is no one to take care of them.

Saving animal life has been a priority of organizations like United Dog Rescue Services who not only save hundreds of pets per year but also bring the attention of people towards saving innocent lives. The dedicated team has a mission to accomplish regarding saving the lives of beautiful animals who die on the streets due to road accidents and brutal killings by humans.

According to Dr. Saleh (the veterinary) at United Dog Rescue, The killing of dogs in America and the killing of cats in America goes on every day. An estimated 4 million cats and dogs that enter animal controls in our country each year do not leave alive. Even before the rescue teams reach out to save their lives, they die out on the streets. This is crap because dog killing is Chicago is overwhelming.”

The strong volunteer groups have been working to save the lives of dogs in America as animal controls are overwhelmed and not equipped for those large numbers. There problem of shelter for a large number of animals is an issue across the united states. There are not enough cages with the groups who want to save dog’s lives, and many pets remain rescued.

United Dog Rescue team have an immense motivation to rescue dogs by helping people to adopt pets and foster them. The company is small but making a big difference by providing pets ready for adoption for hundreds of animal lovers who can take good care of them. Providing a good life to your pet is a great noble act which helps to relieve stress and keep you motivated during the day. To rescue the dogs, fostering is the best way to help these lovely creatures. Over the years, United Dogs Rescue has saved lives of over 500 dogs, and the team personally loves to help those who save lives, The company works with the help of donations so the dogs in need can be helped immediately.

“Dog is a wonderful companion to the millions of people around the world,” says Nicole Torres who is the management at United Dog Rescue. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved animals and had pets of all sizes and shapes. She grew up in a place that was surrounded by dogs and cats; she made her mission for life to save lives of these pretty animals in the United States.

“If you do the math for the veterinary care, cost of food and shelter for the dogs in America, it is not that high as compared to other countries in the world. Dogs need the care to save them from fatal incidents on the street; it is a time that we must devote our lives to the bigger mission to help these creatures”. Nicole also said that “we have made a checklist for rescue purposes and to provide the shelter to the little dogs. We make sure that the pets are sprayed regularly and provide healthy animals for adoption.”

“Adoption is the best way to possess the animals according to Nicole, instead of buying animals from a pet shop, it is better to adopt dogs from United Dogs Rescue who has a better dog adoption program for you. More and more problems are added if you buy the dogs from a pet shop, we want you to take responsibility to shelter these pets. Many people who cannot handle pets sometimes abandon them, that is not a part of the solution as we require them to turn their pets to us so that we can get them ready for adoption.”

– Groups need people to help care for the animals, but there are also so many other ways to volunteer. Fosters take in the innocent animals and rescue their lives from the unhealthy environment out there. The more animals fosters can rescue, more they can save lives and help people of all ages to adopt them.

The donation is a great cause because United Dog Rescue is a non-profit and non- business organization dedicated solely to helping out the animals. They need donations from all type of people to provide food, shelter, and medication to the dogs. You can donate your amount and take part in a noble cause to help these lovely creatures. You can become the solution for this problem; pets keep the kids happy and keep families together. For the lower income families, they can afford one pet and provide them proper food and shelter. Low-cost vaccinations are also available for pets, taking action is the best way to respond to killing dogs problem in America.

“We encourage people to speak up, raise their voice and help the organization to save these lives through donations and adoption,” says the management officer Nicole. “We request that you stop killing dogs and the state should make it illegal in America to kill homeless animals. Some animals die because they are severely ill and receive no treatment. As estimated 5 million cats and dogs are killed in America each year that is an overwhelming figure. Millions of them are abandoned, they suffer from accidents and injuries that never recover. We do our best to give painkillers to dogs, some of them have broken legs, open wounds, and extreme infections.”

Many dogs do not make it out there because the Parvo disease is also a threat to their lives. Due to lack of sterilizing and cleaning, dogs are left outdoors in the snow without food. This should stop as United Dog Rescue team is active diligently to save as many lives as possible.

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