Hydration Infusers Market Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2017 – 2027

Growing demand for ‘on-the-go consumption’ of beverages has urged the manufacturers towards product innovation and efficient packaging solutions. Hydration infusers have proven to be an effective solution for beverage packaging as it can maintain the temperature of the beverage for a longer period. Hydration infusers are specially designed to infuse the fruits with water. Hydration infusers are rigid containers made up of plastic, metal and glass. The product that has to be infused is kept in the middle chamber, and the infuser is submerged in the water-filled bottle. The hydration infusers consists of a double wall construction that helps in protecting the drinks temperature while reducing condensation. Hydration infusers help in easy storage as the infusers have barrier properties such as leakage, moisture, and dirt resistant. Hydration infusers are light in weight, easy to carry and offer on the go consumption of drinks in a hygienic manner. Furthermore, hydration infuser’s help in time reduction of the consumers as beverage products can be prepared instantly. Hydration infusers reduce the risk of contamination of drinks and provide frequent consumption of drinks.

Hydration Infusers: Market Dynamics

Technological advancement has led to the implementation of various technological trends such as internet-of-things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to launch various packaging solutions resulting in the market growth of hydration infusers. Globally, increasing health consciousness among individually has significantly propelled the market share of hydration infusers as sports drinks can be easily consumed. Also, a rise in disposable income and changing a lifestyle of middle-class consumers have urged the manufacturers towards the newer format of beverage packaging solutions. Hydration infusers are light in weight yet sturdy beverage packaging solutions, thus preventing the spillage and leakage of beverage products. Increasing adoption rate for smart bottles has been significantly increased over the last decade due to the rising consumer preference towards convenience products resulting in the market growth of hydration infusers. Moreover, rising number of supermarkets, hypermarkets has increased market share of hydration infusers. Increased penetration of e-commerce in consumer goods has propelled the demand for hydration infusers as the majority of sales are occurring through online distribution channels.

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Despite the favorable outcome towards the growth of hydration infusers market, there are some factors that hinder the growth such as government initiative against the use of plastic materials. However, to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated, hydration infusers are made up of BPA (Bisphenol A) – free polymer material such as Tritan.

Hydration Infusers: Market segmentation

Hydration infusers market is segmented into material type, cap type, and applications.

On the basis of material type, hydration infusers market is segmented into-

  • Plastic hydration infusers
  • Metal hydration infusers
  • Glass hydration infusers

On the basis of cap type, hydration infusers market is segmented into

  • Screw cap
  • Flip-top cap
  • Sports cap

On the basis of applications, hydration infusers market is segmented into

  • Tea/coffee infuser
  • Fruit infusers
  • Sports drink infusers
  • Others

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Hydration Infusers: Regional outlook

Hydration infusers market has been segmented on the basis of the region into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. North America region is expected to register highest market share over the forecast period due to the high number of industry participants in the region. The region also has dominance in the field of Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Asia Pacific region is also expected to register highest CAGR during the next decade owing to developing economy and rising disposable income. Western Europe is anticipated to account for a significant market share due to rising number of supermarkets, hypermarkets and high penetration of online distribution channel.

Hydration Infusers: Key players

Some of the key players in the field of hydration infusers market are Ecoway Hydration Co.,Ltd., Everich Houseware Co. Ltd., among others.

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