Android Course by Inixindo Jojda for Training in the Information Technology Sector

Inixindo jojda, an IT organisation based in Indonesia, provides consultation on the IT sector to young trainees and gives them guidance in IT. It holds courses from time to time, which focus on specific aspects of the IT sector that clients need more training in.

The “Karsus Training Programming” is a five-day event held by Inixindo. This training focuses on the creation of android applications in a short period of time. The basics of the Android platform and the application cycle would be emphasised. The trainees would be able to specify the services or applications that need to be created for a particular start-up. They would also learn the method of introducing and publishing the apps into the Play Store. The program is suited for software developers who are interested in designing, manufacturing, deploying and testing various applications for mobile apps that are Android-powered. The basic programming must be mastered by the participants by using the Java language.

The “Fiber Optic for Beginner” is another program offered by Inixindo, organized by Citra Afranudin. It is a four-day training program and would provide knowledge about fiber optic technology. The planning, designing and network implementation using fiber optic would be the main focus of this training. After completing the course, the participants would become adept at networking with fiber optics, and understand and implement the technology to its fullest. The target of training participants would be for Technical support, network administrating and network analyzing. Participants must have knowledge of computer and internet usage, and should be familiar with the basic knowledge of the network.

Another four-day training course, the “Traffic Management with Cisco” is the foundation of Cisco networking skills. It would teach participants the basics of networking where they would learn topology, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network and the method of managing the technology using Cisco. By taking the course, participants would be familiar with the fundamentals of networking, the process of building a LAN and the management of IP-based networks on LANs and WANs using Cisco devices. “Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices” ia another five-day program that deals with networking.

About Inixindo jojda:

Inixindo jojda is an organization that is concerned with the training of people in the IT sector. It offers various courses to familiarize trainees with different concepts related to the IT sector. Apart from providing quality training, it keeps in mind the comfort of the trainees with additional facilities like a charger corner, a dining room, a backyard for relaxation as well as shuttle services.

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