Post travel exercises you can do right in your hotel room

Travelling can be an exhausting job. Some say, what’s the big deal about it? All you need to do is sit! Clearly, they have not travelled long enough that their muscles become knotted and joints become stiff. In fact, the hustle-bustle of travelling starts right from the moment you realise that you are to head out on a trip. These days you don’t have to run around from agents to agents thanks to Online Travel Booking and Travel Management. With Corporate travel portals like Roomsxpert, which offer Hotel Booking Online Portal for Corporates in a few clicks, one part of the exhaustion is taken away. Roomsxpert is one of the best hotel booking sites for b2b that will cut down the pre-travel stress of making bookings. But what about post travel care?

Here are a few quick and easy post travel exercises that you can do right in your hotel room:

Long Stretch

Place your legs and hands firmly on the floor and do a plank. Then move up the right leg towards the right hand. Subsequently, raise the right hand and stretch it upwards while twisting your torso. Your left hand should stay secure. Resume plan position and repeat the exercise on the left side.

Half Kneel and Twist

This exercise is a good way to straighten your back. Kneel and extend your right leg out in a 90 degrees angle. This angle should be made with the left leg that is stationery. Join your palms together and twist your torso in the direction of the leg. Resume kneeling. Repeat the exercise for the other side.

Quad Pull and Stretch

Stand straight in an upright position. Lift your right leg backwards while balancing on your left leg. Hold your right leg and gently pull it towards your body. Make sure that the two knees stay together. Put your foot down. Repeat it for the other leg.

Lunges with Raised Arms

This is somewhat the opposite of the traditional lunges. Keep your feet together and stand in an upright position. Extend your left leg towards the back for as far as you can go without losing your balance. While lunging, also extend your arms towards the ceiling. Resume stance and repeat the exercise for the other leg.

Side Lunges

If you are a fitness freak, you already know what side lunges are. New bies, here’s how you do it: spread out your legs at a comfortably wide distance. Then lunge towards your right. Dip as low as you can go without toppling over. Also, flex out the leg opposite to your lunging side.

You don’t need fancy gyms or equipment to do these quick and hassle-free exercises. If you like to make the most of your corporate travel then choose Roomsxpert for your Online Travel Booking and Travel Management needs.


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