Maniks High Quality Regulating Valve

What is Regulating Valve?
It is a gadget used to control temperature, weight, stream rate, and different parameters. Regulating valve is utilized as a part of programmed control and managing frameworks and impact the course of innovative and heat and power designing procedures as per the provided directions.
Regulating valve is introduced on trunk and mechanical pipelines and designing hardware, establishments, and supplies. A regulatory valve comprises of a directing unit (the valve itself), which changes the stream cross area, and an impelling component, which is a pneumatic drive that gets guidelines from a programmed controller of a remote-controlled gadget and transmits these directions to the directing unit.

Regulating valve is grouped based on their ostensible limit as medium-stream, little stream, and micro flow valves and based on ostensible weight as low-weight, medium-weight, and high-weight valves. They work at temperatures between – 225° and 450°C. There are a wide range of kinds of directing valves, including single-and twofold seat, pass, calculated, and three-way valves. Regulating valve valves with spring-stacked stomachs as activating components are most ordinarily found.
The managing unit has a flanged throughput segment and comprises of best and base covers, a plunger, and a lodging into which two seats have been screwed. A coupling nut associates the plunger pole to the bar of the impelling system, which is affixed to the best front of the controlling unit. The stomach detects a standard order flag (0.02– 0.1 meganewtons/cm2 of gaseous tension) and transmits its power to the arrival spring of the system, which prompts the uprooting of the pole with the entryway and an adjustment in the stream cross area, bringing about an adjustment in the regulating valve’s throughput limit.
Why Maniks?
Maniks is a very traditional and trustworthy manufacturer of electromechanical products in India. They provide the best quality and reliable regulating valve. Maniks products give efficient performance over a long life period. They have designed the valves utilized specially for the refrigeration applications. It is developed to withstand in a high inside weight. Be that as it may, the funneling framework as a rule ought to be intended to maintain a strategic distance from fluid traps and lessen the danger of water powered weight caused by warm extension.
Construction of Maniks Regulating Valve
MREG-An and MREG-B are angle way and straightway hand controlling valves, which go about as should be expected stop valves in shut position.
The valves are accessible in two distinct adaptations – MREG-A and MREG-B intended for direction purposes in fluid and development lines.
The valves are accessible in two unique forms – MREG-A and MREG-B intended for direction purposes in fluid and development lines.
The regulating valve is intended to meet the strict quality necessities on refrigerating establishments indicated by the universal grouping social orders and are deliberately intended to display great stream conditions and exact straight attributes.
MREG-A and MREG-B are outfitted with vented top and interior back seating empowers substitution of the shaft seal while the valve is dynamic, i.e. under strain.
Maniks Regulating valve is utilized for modifying or checking stream volumes and stream bearings. Uniquely intended for use in a wide scope of metering, mixing, weighing and filling framework applications, they are the perfect answers for exactness control of stream rate or weight.
Technical Specifications of a Maniks Regulating Valve
• Refrigerants Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2). Can be used in chemical and petro-chemical applications.
• Temperature range –60/+150°C (–76/+302°F)
• Max working pressure 52 bar g (754 psi g)
• Flow coefficients for fully opened valves from Kv = 0.15 to 80 m3/h (Cv = 0.17 to 92.5 USgal/ min).

Advantages Regulating Valve

Maniks are conventional provider of these electromechanical gadgets they are perceived for their best quality items. Along these lines the regulating valve by Maniks is bit diverse have numerous favorable positions. Some of them are recorded underneath

• Provides best quality item
• Cost productive
• Assures better execution for long life
• Requires less support


These regulating valves have extensive variety of utilizations from household applications to modern use as

• Air Compressors
• Gas controlled vehicles
• Mining enterprises
• Oil and gas industry
• LP gas applications
• Home apparatuses

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