Do You Want To Dissolve Your Corporation In Canada? Get In Touch With Imad Kutum

Imad Kutum is the right person who can help you to dissolve your corporation in Canada.

Dissolution is the term used to dissolve your corporation. It is a legal termination of corporation and in other words, dissolution is the act of ending the existence of a corporation. A corporation is dissolved when a Certificate of Dissolution is issued by Corporations Canada. The effective date is shown on the Certificate of Dissolution.

A proper procedure needs to be followed when a corporation applies for dissolution. A corporation can apply to dissolve when it has no property or liabilities. The exception is a bankrupt corporation. Bankruptcy does not end a corporation’s existence. A bankrupt corporation cannot request to be dissolved under the CBCA. To manage all such formalities and abide by the parameters of law, you would need someone who can handle every single aspect of dissolution in a professional way.

You can contact Dr. Imad Kutum if you have a corporation that you need to dissolve it. He is a business professional with more than 20 years of experience in business management consulting and accounting in Canada. With his professional experience, he can help you to dissolve a corporation in best possible ways.

Apart from this, there are many other business related services that you can seek from Imad Kutum including business planning, registering a business, incorporating a new business, registering for HST, payroll and other accounts, accounting system implementation and training, adding or deleting a partner or shareholder,dissolving an inactive business and more.

For more information about dissolution of corporation or business related concerns and questions, feel free to contact Imad Kutum.

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