Maniks High Efficiency Dust collector Valve Operated using Spare Diaphragm

Maniks is an Indian brand recognized for their best quality high efficiency products in electromagnetic device manufacture industry from past thirty years. They are leading supplier of dust collector valve which is also known as pulse valve is one of the major components of that system. They are on forefront of the development of dust collector valve components.

What is Dust Collector Valve?

It is made up of pilot operator, spare diaphragm and valve body. When there is a pressure difference applied on two sides of the diaphragm, the spare diaphragm is been closed against the outlet of valve which keep the valve in closed position. The spare diaphragm is the only moving part present in the dust collector valve.

Maniks dust collector valve is operated by integral solenoid pilot operator. When the valve is energized, the trapped air above pulse valve diaphragm is quickly exhausted causing fast opening of main diaphragm valve. When the pilot valve is de – energized, air escapes through bleed hole of main pulse valve to balance the diaphragm pressure and instantly closes the valve.

Dust collector valves are ideal to replace existing diaphragm technology in applications such as reverse jet bag houses and traditional dust collectors, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling. The high speed operation besides saving of compressed air helps to provide shock air wave for dislodging of dust from filter bags. High flow, long life and fast diaphragm action of the valves produce reliable and economical operation for dust collector system.

Why Maniks?

Maniks is a very trustworthy brand to supply dust collector valves and pulse get valves. They are best dealer since three decades. The first and the foremost specialty of Maniks Dust collector Valve is its reduced cost of ownership because of less duration for downtime and lower air consumption.

Available spool kits are more than enough especially during maintenance of the system. The seals are composed of wide range of compounds like Vitron, Nit rile and Proprietary Compounds. For effective wash down purpose they are environmentally sealed. The secret of the longevity of Maniks dust collector valve is its bonded pool design. Airline contamination is avoided because of the balanced pneumatic pulse valve construction.

Design Features of Dust Collector Valve

The dust collector valve possesses spring less design, reliable function, higher performance, epoxy coating, superior corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance, no rust jamming, Lower power consumptions, higher diaphragms life and Ease of installation. Apart from this there are lots many features available due to which Maniks Dust collector valve or pulse valve designed for dust collector system is different from others those are listed below

  • Provides spare diaphragm for longer life
  • Vent protected by silencer
  • Life >10 million cycle
  • High flow factor for effective cleaning
  • Lower air consumption/ Pulse
  • Pressure Die Cast epoxy coated Aluminum/ Stainless Steel cast Body
  • Unique profile of the Diaphragm eliminates spring
  • Profiled seat to avoid dust/ particle trapping while closing
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Valve can be mounted in any position
  • For Corrosion resistance Stainless Steel cast Weather/ Explosion Proof Solenoid
  • Low decibel noise level
  • Low Solenoid Power

Design Advantage

Maniks dust collector valve is a best quality and high performance device which is having following advantages

  • High Flow / Long Life / Low Leak / Balanced Spool Design
  • Drop-in Mounting – Without Disturbing Existing Piping
  • Optimized for Reliable Performance in Harsh Environmental Conditions
  • Fast/Repeatable Response Times for Quick and Accurate Purges
  • Bonded Spool Technology – Self Cleaning Bore
  • Economic and requires less maintenance


Applications of Dust Collector Valve

Apart from dust collector systems Maniks dust collector valve is used in variety of applications, some of them are given below


  • Home appliances- Water purifier, heating systems, washing machine and dishwasher, automatic faucet
  • Cooling equipment- Air-conditioning systems
  • Brewery equipment- fomenters and tanks
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems-pneumatic industrial valve actuators
  • Car wash- Foam brush and tire cleaner
  • Compressed air- To control actuators and air supply for compressor
  • Agriculture- Irrigation, Automatic supply of pesticide in irrigation
  • Camping- Boiler camping, Camping shower
  • Dental equipments- To supply compressed air or water
  • Aquarium- To adjust pH and to supply CO2
  • Switching of fuels in Cars
  • Dust collector valve




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