What Type of Business Traveler Are You?

Unlike any leisure or everyday travelling a business trip holds a business or work purpose depending on the kind of profession. Amassive number of people travel for the various business purpose from making new partnerships or meeting clients to exploring potential markets or from conferences, exhibitions to catch up the most recent happenings. Similarly, the business travelers are also of different types

Experienced/Savvy/Upper Management Traveler

Such travelers are generally well organized and keep upthe each minutest detail from travel expense to travel itineraries. According to a study, they generally travel 12 times a year and are generally older than 35. The travel behavior of such travelers includes certain features like a high priority of keeping in touch with family, a streamlined and comfortable trip with no travel disruptions and utilizing only online travel booking and travel management portals for their reservations. Though older in age this group of business traveler use technology & carry laptops. They are not much bothered about the budget but demand customized services as per their solace.

Frequent/Nervous/Lower Management Traveler

Craving to learn new stuff out of their business travel they are budget travels. Being newbie’s, they are excited however a pretty visible nervousness can also be noticed. They love to explore new places in their leisure time and love to share how it all went during their excursion to their family and friends. To find budget deals on their accommodation they search all online travel bookings and travel management portals and pick the one meeting their prerequisites.

Techy Travelers

Mostly young in the age such travelers are tech savvy & travel all over the globe for the longest duration. This group of travelers is well-versed with digital trends and efficient in whatever they do. They exploit each technical source to its fullest. They love to use online travel booking and travel management tools to get any kind of service from taxi, hotel, air tickets, shopping and even meals.

Whatever kind of business traveler you are a safe and secure stay is one of the topmost priority that every traveler looks for. Post that the budget, services, amenities, and freebies are sought after by each kind of traveler as per their requirement.

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